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NSW/ACT Summit Presentations


Keynote 1 | 2nd Renaissance: The Future of Education for a Humanist Age

Presenter: Anders Sorman-Nilsson

A renowned Global Futurist and Innovation Expert, Anders will explore the impact of technology trends and new paradigms on learning and offer insights into the education of tomorrow. A must attend session for those interested in staying ahead of the curve in education innovation.

18 MAY – SESSIONS 1A, 1B, 1C & 1D

Session 1A | Devising a Successful Admissions Strategy

Presenter: Yvette Graniero, Santa Sabina College

Session 1B | Catching Them before Graduation: The first step to engaging young Alumni

Presenters: Karina Drummond, Barker College; Rebecca Curran, Cranbrook; Meagan Sharpe, St Catherine’s School; Mandy Loomes, Brigidine (Facilitator)

Session 1C | Make It Compelling! Crafting an engaging school story.

Presenter: Natalie Kimber, Synergy Group

Session 1D | Giving Day Strategies

Presenters: John Phillips, Brighton grammar School; Christy Boyce, Chair of the SCEGGS Trust; Claire Napoli, Hills Grammar; Jackie Dalton, Frensham Schools (Facilitator)

18 MAY – SESSIONS 2A, 2C & 2D

Session 2A | The Shifting Sands in International Education

Presenter: Huma Cheema, University of Canberra College

Session 2C Decoding the Digital World

Presenter: Timo Neiuwoudt, Digistorm

Session 2D | Keeping It Legal: What every school fundraiser needs to know.

Presenters: Anne Robinson & Allison Strickland, Prolegis Lawyers

18 MAY – SESSIONS 3A&C, 3B, 3D & 3E

Session 3A&C | Using Data Analytics and Machine Learning to Inform Enrolments

Presenter: Mike Abecina, McCrindle

Session 3B | From School to the Workplace: How to build PD for Alumni

Presenters: Christine Zimbulis, St Ignatius College; Karina Drummond, Barker College; Myfanwy Stanfield, Ascham School

Session 3D | Ensuring that your Bequest Program is a Success

Presenters: Garry Pierson, Geelong Grammar School; Jackie Dalton, Frensham Schools

Session 3E | The Long Road to Leadership Success

Presenter: Kerri Rock, Canberra Grammar School (Retired)


Session 4A | Legal Considerations in Admissions

Presenter: Greg McKay, AIS

Session 4B&C| Adding the Wow! Creating memorable and impactful events with that X-Factor … on a budget!

Presenter: Lyn Jarvis, St Andrew’s Cathedral School (Facilitator)

19 MAY – SESSIONS 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D & 5E

Session 5A | 10 Top Tips to Succeed as Head of Enrolments

Presenter: Pauline Shuttleworth, Arden Anglican School

Session 5B | Stakeholder Engagement: When to consult, inform, involve or empower

Presenter: Lyn Jarvis, St Andrew’s Cathedral School

Session 5C | Revitalising a Brand: An integrated approach to transforming perception.

Presenter: Reece Cummings, Zen Creative Solutions

Session 5D | Things I Wished I’d Known About Fundraising Before I Was a Headmaster

Presenter: Shane Hogan, Regis Grammar School

Session 5E | Aligning Personal Purpose with Organisation & Role

Presenter: Robyn Edwards, AIS

19 MAY – SESSIONS 6B, 6C, 6D & 6E

Session 6B | Volunteering Through a Different Lens

Presenter: Clint Bertenshaw, Centre for Volunteering

Session 6C | Marketing Budgets Large or Small: How to maximise your budget and be smart with how you spend it

Presenter: Sarah Ryan, Loreto Normanhurst

Session 6D | Feasibility Studies

Presenters: John Phillips, Brighton Grammar School; Nick Jaffer, Global Philanthropic; Dana Casimaty, Redlands (Facilitator)

Session 6E | Leading from the Middle

Presenters: Robyn Edwards, AIS

19 MAY – SESSIONS 7A, 7B, 7C & 7E

Session 7A | Recruiting the Next Gen of Future Leaders

Presenter: Will Chan, Economic World Forum

Session 7B | Finding Lost Alumni: Smart, best practice tips, tricks and services

Presenter: Chanel Hughes, Global Philanthropic

Session 7C | What Do Parents Want?

Presenter: Grant Birse, Redlands

Session 7E | Taking a Place at the Leadership Table as an Advancement Team Member

Presenter: Bianca Coleborn, Faith Lutheran College, QLD


Keynote 2 | How to Build and Effectively Market your Personal Brand

Presenter: Emily Kucukalic, Brand New You

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