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2023 Leadership & General Advancement Webinars & Recordings

Leading For Improvement | 29 March 2023

Presenter: Dr Frauke Meyer. Facilitator: Emma Zigan

In this Leadership focused webinar, organised by the NZ Chapter, Dr Frauke Meyer discusses key aspects of effective leadership aimed at organisational improvement. A brief overview of system level leadership is followed by a more close investigation of interpersonal leadership practices that are needed to lead improvement and work with individual staff, teams, and the wider organisation.  

The New Age of Middle Management Webinar | 28 February 2023

Panellists: Dr Alec O’Connell and Fiona Johnston Facilitator: Mandy McFarland

Two leading, award winning educators share their experience, discuss why Middle Management is so important in their institutions and give you tips on how to escalate your leadership development. 

Goal Setting Workshop | 21 February 2023

Presenters: Darren Chan and Nive Pradeep 

While identifying challenging yet achievable goals can be difficult, this structured workshop accelerates the process of defining SMART goals through self-reflection and group discussions.

This workshop provides tools, knowledge, and skills to identify goals, create effective mentoring requests and initiate meaningful conversations.

2022 Leadership & General Advancement Webinars & Recordings

How to Get More of the Right Things Done – A Time Blocking and Energy Management Workshop | 09 November 2022

Presenter: Rachel Bearbower

Let’s be clear about one thing, if you don’t control your schedule — it will control you. As a small shop (or big shop), it’s crucial to understand when you need to show up as your best self and then make the most of your time because we know that time is your most valuable asset.

Leadership SIG Collaborate With Class Webinar | 17 March 2022

Panellists: Nell Anderson, Grant Birse, Mandy McFarland Facilitator: Myfanwy Stanfield

Collaborative teams are an increasingly vital source of competitive advantage in today’s highly networked, stakeholder focussed and partnership-oriented business environments. As more organisations move toward a collaborative culture, a new leadership model is emerging – one that replaces command and control with trust and inclusion. Our panel share their thoughts in this interactive discussion on how to cultivate a mindset of diplomacy in order to create more collaborative relationships within your team and throughout your school or institution.

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