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Admissions SIG The Future of Expos

Admissions SIG The Future of Expos | 24 November 2020

Presenters: Jackie Garment and Mandy Treweeke

An online conversation on the future and relevance of school expos.

  • Are Expos worth the effort? Cost to attend, staff and marketing material as well as time and do we get quality leads?
  • If we need to keep the 2x2metre Covid-19 rule going forward the current format of Expos would need to significantly change and would families be happy to still attend
  • Are virtual tours an alternative to expos?
  • Would a virtual expo allow us to connect with families especially when they are thinking of Boarding School?

Thanks also to Dorothy Willoughby of Dorsal Media who has provided us with additional information as discussed in the SIG. Click here to download stats from The Independent Schools Expo on 2019 engagement.


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