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Towards a Better Tomorrow

Towards a Better Tomorrow

Written by Mandy McFarland | CEO – Educate Plus | 7 JULY 2023


Throughout history, our Elders have held a special place within our communities and families, playing diverse roles that have shaped and influenced our lives. They are the custodians of cultural knowledge, pioneers, caregivers, advocates, educators, survivors, leaders, innovators, diligent workers, and above all, our cherished loved ones. They are the torchbearers of our culture and our lands, the advocates for change and the foundation upon which we build our futures. By recognizing their contributions, drawing strength from their wisdom and involving them in decision-making, we ensure that their influence remains timeless and continues to guide us toward a better tomorrow.

What a meaningful and deeply applicable theme that should be inherent in every society, cultural group and community. In our institutions we constantly seek ways to honour our Alumni, our founders and the trail blazers who created the communities we now support. As NAIDOC Week is celebrated across Australia, we have this wonderful opportunity to walk beside our Elders and celebrate their achievements.

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