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The Power of Mentoring

The Power of Mentoring

At Educate Plus we appreciate and understand the power of mentoring (watch video)

In our close knit, collegial and supportive community, informal mentoring takes place regularly at our SIGs, PD events and conferences. Our members come together to network, to support and to learn from one another.

As we find ourselves in these uncertain times, there has never been a greater need to have someone in your corner. Someone who understands our unique sector and the challenges you face as an Advancement professional.

Our mentoring platform is available to all members, free of charge. We encourage you to get on board, explore the possibilities and register to be a mentor or mentee. Whether you would like a once off ‘hour of power’ session with an industry expert or an in-depth relationship over a longer period, the AI matching algorithm will ensure you are matched with the ‘right’ person for you.

A mentoring relationship is a gratifying one. One that will add value to your career and enrich your life. 

Why did you seek out a mentor?

When I heard that Educate Plus was offering a mentoring program, being new to this industry I felt this would be a great opportunity to tap into resources from outside my organisation and learn from other leaders within the Fundraising and education sector.

When Judy and I had our introductory meeting, we immediately hit it off – for me this was very important that we both felt comfortable and compatible. Since then we have been meeting via Zoom every few weeks to talk about our experiences and ideas, using my ‘mentee framework’ and agenda for guidance – though our discussions, more often than not, evolve organically at each session which has been fun!

When Educate Plus paired me with Judy, I used the MentorCloud profile function to find out a little more about my new mentor, and to reach out via Messages so we could arrange our first meeting. The platform made it very easy to connect in the first instance and we found we both shared similar values and matched mentoring needs / skills.

What are the benefits to having a mentoring relationship?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the mentoring experience, and making a new friend in Judy. We have both found it rewarding and enjoyed learning from each other. I love the fact that everyone from within the educational sector is more than happy to share experiences and learnings as we all have our unique target audiences and constituencies.

There are always new ways of doing things and therefore our discussions have provided many opportunities for us both to discuss, discover and maybe apply a different viewpoint to various initiatives.

Nicole’s key take-aways

As the mentee, sharing a ‘wish list’ or framework of key learning priorities at the beginning of our mentoring relationship has helped to guide the topics for discussion at each meeting. This also ensures that the meetings are productive and timely as I am mindful of my mentor’s time. The mentoring relationship commenced as we went into our first lockdown. It was wonderful to have Judy to reach out to. We were able to connect and share on both a personal level and professional level – a great source of support during these uncertain times. I am sure our friendship will continue on and I look forward to meeting Judy in person when the opportunity permits.

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About Nicole Steyn (Mentee), Development Officer at Haileybury Foundation

Nicole is a creative marketing, brand and communications professional with a track record of delivering successful strategies that drives sales through improved customer engagement.



About Judy Reid (Mentor), Director of Engagement at Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak

Experienced Director Of Development with a demonstrated history of working in educational fundraising. Skilled in Community Relations, Alumnae Relations, Fundraising, Event Planning, Strategic Planning and Event Management.

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