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Your point of difference is not enough

Recognised authority and facilitator Pauline returned to Adelaide to present at EDGE 2019, the SA/NT Chapter Conference. Pauline specialises in facilitating organisational transformation, enabling the individual and the organisation to perform at their best and to become a leader in their field.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

People connect to is a purpose, not a product. Individuals and organisations must explore their point of difference from a whole new perspective, a Customer Centric culture. That synergy of purpose and values is the point of difference which will take your organisation into the future.

We know that in the cluttered education environment It is often difficult to spot the difference and to stand out from our competitors. However, being Customer Centric is a mind-set that sees our organisation through a new lens. Pauline believes that aligning your sense of purpose with your customer and creating a customer culture is the only way to differentiate yourself in a world where we have little control over challenges such technology, social media and commoditisation.

Evidence shows that If we ask the question ‘Are we Customer Centric?’, 91% of leaders and organisations will answer ‘Yes’. However, only 10% of customers (parents and students in a schools’ environment) will agree. A challenging insight!

We live and operate in a complicated world, a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

This presents new challenges for leadership. An authentic and Customer Centric approach is essential to succeed and indeed, to survive.

About Pauline Triggiani Leadership Coach, Priority People Consulting

Pauline is the founder of Priority People Consulting, an ICF accredited coach with more than 10 years of executive coaching and facilitation experience across industries and in multiple countries. Prior to launching Priority People Consulting, she invested 25 years leading people, managing businesses and facilitating change in the corporate sector. Her background in customer service, change management, project management and strategic planning awards her with a wealth of sound practical experience to draw from.

Pauline’s passion is people. Developing leaders who deliver exceptional results have been the core of her desires and achievement in her leadership and management career. Her facilitation skills and ability to transfer knowledge to leaders in today’s organisations are grounded on sound practical experience. Pauline looks at each person as an individual with specific developmental opportunities. She uses her intuition, experience and qualifications to guide them quickly to much higher levels of output and satisfaction.

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