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New Educate Plus Marketing Resource

New Educate Plus Marketing Resource

For our 2020 Certified Practitioner Marketing and Communications Course we created a training manual that took our course participants on a seamless journey.  From understanding institutional marketing to equipping them with the relevant skills to execute the broad range of marketing tasks required in their roles our manual has it all. We wanted it to be easy to understand, intuitive enough to manoeuvre through and well sectioned for easy reference.

  • We promoted interactivity throughout the online training book by ensuring it contained videos, interactive links to training courses and interesting articles.
  • Each chapter has a summary of the key points and recapitulates key learning at the end of each module to create reinforcement and instill long-term memory.
  • The follow up training session and the online assessment work were designed to assess the participants knowledge and reinforce the information that was presented during the training sessions.
  • The content provides specific how-to guidelines that are industry-based best practice and have been used by marketing practitioners to produce consistently good results.

The book includes instructional strategies and covers a range of key areas including; the Marketing Plan (preparation, concepts, principles and benefits), Branding, Social Media— including a special chapter on data analytics. The authors also provide a variety of illustrative examples, templates and other useful aids. We know that developing this training material is an ongoing process and intend to make updates and improvements as new useful resources and tools are produced. 

Special thanks to our contributing authors:

  • Bethwyn Kitson, Cameron Pegg, Claire O’Connell, John Bird, Katrina Martin, Kristie Welsh, Mara Roberts, Margo Bastow, Paul Nolan, Victoria Murray-Orr


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