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      Sue Spry
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      Hi there
      We would be interested to hear from any schools that charge a set levy rather than a tax deductible Voluntary Building Fund Donation with fees, why you have chosen to do it that way, and if you have found it more successful. Also, for schools that do ask for a Voluntary Building Fund Donation, what percentage of parents donate, and how do you promote it to them?
      Sue Spry
      Concordia College Adelaide

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      Abhrajit Bhattacharjee
      Forum Participant

      Hi Sue,

      At Scotch we received legal advice that any thing that sounds, looks or walks like a “levy” would violate the first rule of philanthropic tax deduction – which is that the donation needs to be voluntary and with no material benefit.

      here is a link to an article that I think might help with your thinking:

      This is the actual ATO ruling, which focuses a lot more on what qualifies as a school and as a building, but important reading, all the same…

Viewing 1 reply thread
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