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      Pip Inman
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      We are reviewing our time capsule program. Currently our girls make two – the first in Year 7 which they receive when they graduate in Year 12. They then create another in Year 12 which is collected when they attend their 10 year reunion. I would be interested to know what other schools do, what form their capsules take etc

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      Victoria Morris
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      Hi Pip,
      Our Year 13 (NZ equivalent to Y12 AU) students bury a time capsule with memorabilia that symbolises their entire time at school (our school is K-13) and we open it up at their 10 year reunion. It’s one capsule for the whole year group – usually coordinated by the prefects. We’ve only been doing it for 9 years so this year will be our first time opening a time capsule. I’m also keen to hear about what others do when they open time capsules and how they archive or display the contents.
      Thanks, Victoria (Kristin School, New Zealand)

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      Merryn Parks
      Forum Participant

      Hi All

      Yes this has been on my agenda at school for a while! I have tried a number of methods for content generation of the capsule with a view to opening at 10 or 15 year reunion some learnings there! But the real issue is what to put / hold the content in to preserve them for a decade or so! Especially, we seem to change our buildings every few years so burying doesn’t seem like a great option for us but Victoria I would be keen to know what kind of capsule unit you use …?

      Merryn (Oxford Falls Grammar School)

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      Pip Inman
      Forum Participant

      Hi Merryn

      Since posting this on the forum we have reviewed our Yr12 capsules. Up until this year each student was provided with an A4 envelope to place their memories in. These envelopes were then stored by our Archives in storage boxes until the 10 year reunion. This year we have decided to digitize each capsule because storage space was becoming a problem. The digital version will be stored in the cloud until the reunion. Perhaps a different take on “time capsule’ but hope this helps.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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