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      Jacqui Raadsma
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      I am just wondering if anyone formally engages past staff as a segment of their alumni program?

      I know many past staff stay connected passively via following along on facebook and instagram etc, but looking for any examples of where alumni programs have had a more intentional approach to keeping in contact with past staff.

      Feel free to email me or on the thread here.


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      Paul Dennett
      Forum Participant

      Hi Jacqui

      Great that you are thinking about scaling this up. A number of the schools I worked with in the UK had their biggest gifts come as bequests from former staff. Anecdotally, it also appears that bringing former staff back for events helps encourage alumni who they taught to come along too… as long as they weren’t the scary teacher who was too quick to hand out detentions!

      Best wishes

      Paul (Queenwood School)

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      Beth Higgs
      Forum Participant

      Hi Jacqui
      We commenced this as a new initiative in 2021 and have found it really successful. Happy to chat through the steps we took.
      You are welcome to email me
      Take care

Viewing 2 reply threads
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