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      Chanelle Heshusius
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      Hi Everyone,

      I’d be keen to find out how everyone deals with the media, if you all write media releases for events, how you connect the media to get an article for your school in the paper/magazine/online/radio. I currently write media releases and have a distribution list I send them out to prior to big events etc. but I’m not necessarily getting much media awareness around them as I would calling media outlets about the articles.

      Could anyone share what works for them? I’ve looked into MediaNet, but our budget doesn’t let this be an option for us.

      Any help or suggestions on what you do and works would be very welcome!

      Thankyou to everyone in advance.

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      Rebecca Curran
      Forum Participant

      Hi Chanelle,

      If budget doesn’t stretch to a PR agency, I’d look at contacting education section editors directly – even meeting up for coffee etc.. doesn’t hurt.
      I’d also look at advertising pend – how much are you spending across titles, maybe funnel it to one or two that are more impactful and then leverage off that. It is amazing how much editorial you start to get when you’re advertising with one over another.

      Hope this helps,


Viewing 1 reply thread
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