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      Michelle Blackman
      Forum Participant

      Hi All

      Just wondering how many of you have an Instagram for their ex-students to follow.

      I’m finding that the younger generation don’t follow facebook, so looking at what others are doing to keep them interested?

      Thank you Michelle

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      Philippa Zingales
      Forum Participant

      Hi Michelle

      We have an ex-student’s instagram – it is a great way to engage with younger alumni but we find a lot of our older alumni are also on there. It’s a great way to find out news and information about the younger ones for sure. We also have a private FB group for our ex-students.

      Feel free to have a look @plcsydneyexstudents, and I’m happy to answer any other questions about our experience.


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      Mirella Busso-Lee
      Forum Participant

      Hi Michelle,

      I use Instagram and set it up here 4 years ago. We have great engagement and post regularly. To be honest our young alumni – DM us via the app rather than send an email.

      Happy to talk to you about it if you would like. Our instagram handle is @oldivanhoegrammariansofficial :)


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      Forum Participant

      Hi Michelle
      We find that both work well for us. The other platform we use is LinkedIn. We’ve created a profile that our alumni connect with and we post under that. We do only use it for more significant and business related postings. When we do it does typically gets a higher click rate than either Facebook or Instagram.

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      Richard Hansen
      Forum Participant

      Hi Michelle,

      We also use Instagram to engage our younger alumni. It’s also a lot easier to encourage Year 12s to add us on Instagram rather than Facebook upon leaving. The content is mainly the same as Facebook but gets seen by a younger audience. We usually post 3-4 times a week. It also presents opportunities for reels, stories and direct engagement through polls. We’re also more likely to get Instagram DMs from younger alum rather than emails. Happy to talk to you about it further if you wish :) Check us out! @oldandreansassociation

      All the best,

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      Dennis Freeman
      Forum Participant

      Hi Michelle

      We use both Facebook and Instagram to connect with our alumni. The Instagram page was set up a couple of years ago, based on the feedback of our younger alumni who said that they no longer used Facebook – Instagram is great for sharing event photos too. Generally we find that an older demographic uses Facebook with younger alumni almost exclusively on Instagram.

      Best wishes

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      Maria Black
      Forum Participant

      HI Michelle

      At the moment we are only using the private Facebook page but I think we need to explore using Instagram. I personally don’t use it so, am a bit ignorant about it.


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      Michelle Blackman
      Forum Participant

      Thank you all, I will take a look at your sites [if provided] to get an idea of what you are showing them to get them engaged.

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      Cindy Parker
      Forum Participant

      After feedback that the younger alumni don’t use Facebook we have also set up an Alumni Instagram account last year. We share the same posts on Facebook and Instagram. Our live reels from reunions are always popular.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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