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      Diana Eyers-White
      Forum Participant

      Hi all,
      I am a new member and hoping I can get some advice and feedback on what infographic software high schools are using.
      We need a package that we can set up templates, handle the importing of lots of data which can then be updated at regular intervals.
      What does everyone use, how much can it be tailored to our ‘style’ (logo, fonts, corporate colour schemes etc.) and how user friendly do you find it?
      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
      Di Eyers-White,
      Xavier College, South Australia

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      Bobbi Aralica
      Forum Participant

      Hi Di,

      I #LOVE a good infographic!

      Many schools and universities incorporate infographics in their communication. (I have many great examples if you’re interested)
      I recently completed a proposal using the infographic method. (less is more!!)

      I’ll email you directly with more info and an introduction to one of my contacts.

      Feel free to contact me on 0423 40 30 20

      Warmest regards
      Bobbi Aralica
      Managing Director- LISMN

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        Tina Huang-Kinnersly
        Forum Participant

        Hi Bobbi

        Can you please send me some info regarding the infographic method you are using?
        I have been building dashboards in excel for years and incorporating it to PPT reporting, and crystal reporting is another one we use sometimes.
        It would be great to have a program that I can integrate everything (probably mostly) into one and other staff can be access easily.

        Looking forward to hear from you!


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      Julie Tilley
      Forum Participant
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      Forum Moderator

      Hi Di,

      Have you looked at Google Data Studio

      It connects to all sorts of data sources and software (plus you can also upload a CSV, or use Google Sheets). Once you’ve setup a data source you can create multi-page custom reports with graphs, data tables etc that use that data source.

      I use it primarily to create custom Google Analytics reports, but it does a lot more than that!


      Chris Frost
      Managing Director

Viewing 3 reply threads
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