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      Victoria Hamilton
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      Exit Surveys – Hi all, we are putting together an exit survey for any of our families on leaving our School. I would love to hear from anyone who may be willing to share how they have set up theirs. Thank you in advance.

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      Wayne Gehling
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      When families depart we have an exit form to sign off (returning books, laptops, each subject teacher etc) and have a choice for a face to face meeting or a survey option. We have set up one online through ‘Survey Monkey’ and have ensured participants that the survey is anonymous. They are only identified if they want to provide details and/or have a further exit meeting about any issues raised. This way we find we receive more ‘honest’ feedback about their reasons, feelings for leaving and these can be both positive and negative.

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      Julie McIntyre
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      We have had a parent exit survey form for many years asking reason for leaving, school communication, pastoral support, teaching and learning support, general comments etc.. It is currently a written form response. I am in the process of moving to a qualtrics survey the link will be embedded in formal email which includes the leaving documentation to the family. This way I will have the data at my finger tips for data analytics current and future.
      I hope this has been useful information.
      If you would like anything further please let me know, I am happy to share.

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      Victoria Hamilton
      Forum Participant

      Thank you for your help. Victoria

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      Rachel Marchetto
      Forum Participant

      Hi everyone,
      This is exactly what we are looking at at the moment too – I would love anyone to share anything they have!
      Is there a way of collecting the data and have it filter into database such as Synergetic? Do you have a flowchart that you follow?

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      Hi all

      I work at a residential college and we want to introduce a student survey. We would like assistance from a survey company. Does anyone have a recommendation of a company that will set up a survey to answer our requirements?

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