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      Ruth Walker
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      Has anyone had issues with ‘soft bounces’ when using Mailchimp to email newsletters to members? We recently emailed a newsletter and unfortunately, a large proportion of the emails weren’t received due to ‘soft bounces’. This was regardless of the email addresses being correct and we noticed that the majority of emails with ‘soft bounces’ were gmail accounts. Perhaps there might be an issue with gmail settings or gmail’s security or possibly DMARC. If anyone has some insight into our issue it would be greatly appreciated.

      Alternatively, does anyone have recommendations for a different email marketing software?

      kind regards,

      School Community Co-ordinator
      Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

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      Hi Ruth,

      A ‘soft bounce’ is generally a delay in delivery. They often happen if many emails are sent to Gmail addresses in a short time period, or there were a lot of links in the email message, or your email ‘authentication’ needs to be improved.

      Have you setup ‘custom domain verification’ within your Mailchimp account? If you haven’t that will really help as it verifies email sent on your behalf through Mailchimp is legitimate (not spam).

      I had a look at your ‘SPF’ record (your IT folks will know what that is) and it doesn’t include some things that MailChimp needs… more info here: Set Up Custom Domain Authentication: DKIM and SPF:

      We use Campaign Monitor and find it to be reliable for delivery. These days, with most systems, you will need to setup ‘domain verification’ for bulk email to be delivered reliably.



Viewing 1 reply thread
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