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      I’m looking for information on drones and if any one has purchased one for their school to use? I’ve read online about all requirement for Aviation number and the regulations which make it seem a bit more of a hassle than it may be worth and possibly open us up for legal issues if not adhered to strictly. If anyone has experience with this can you please let me know.
      Thank you

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      Bobbi Aralica
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      Hi Kelly,

      I messaged you via LinkedIn with details of somebody from QLD who might be able to help you.


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      Sarah Onions
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      Hi Kelly
      We are currently using one of our parents who has his own drone business and licence. This has meant we have not had to go down the path of having to buy & maintain our own drone and have someone on the school team trained, and get involved in all of the regulations and insurances etc.
      You may find it is easier to contract someone to do this for you. Student safety when using them is paramount.
      Hope this helps

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      Geoff Anderson
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      Hi Kelly-ann, CASA recently relaxed the licensing for Drones.

      You no longer need a licence if the Drone is under 2kg. DJI have recently released the Mavic Air which is an awesome drone for the price and size. There are still some requirements you need to adhere to when flying the drones.

      You can out more here:

      Also this video covers using the drone commercially if they are under 2Kgs.

      Cheers, Geoff

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      Dionne Molina
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      I use a drone in my personal life, the Mavic Air that Geoff mentions above. It’s fantastic. Hovers when you stop driving and comes back to base when low on charge. When flying, always check the fly zone. Some schools are in no fly zones.

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