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      Andrew Burnell
      Forum Participant

      I would love to hear from any members on the following two topics related to donations.
      1) Your categories of recognising donors in terms of monies donated (e.g >50,000 and the like) and any privileges that go with each level (e.g annual dinner, priority access to school events and the like).
      2) Different types of Donor Boards used and suggestions re best companies to access them.

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      Beth Higgs
      Forum Participant

      Hi Andrew
      We don’t segment our donors in this fashion and at this stage isn’t a path we will go down.
      In terms of donor boards, we really installed a really smart Donor and Volunteer Appreciation Board. Happy to provide details of who we used and what it looks like – you are welcome to email me
      Take care

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      Paul Dennett
      Forum Participant

      Hi Andrew
      I have a donor stewardship matrix which sets out donor recognition against different levels of gift, and would be happy to share this. We still don’t have a huge number of donors and it might need tweaking, but hopefully it will prove to be reasonably close to the mark. If you can email me your contact details at I’ll send that over to you. I’ve not looked into donor boards yet so have nothing helpful to share on that, I’m afraid.
      Best wishes

Viewing 2 reply threads
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