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Do you collect credit card details on printed gift forms?

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      Paul Dennett
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      Up to now, our printed gift forms have asked people wanting to donate by credit card to either phone the office or go online.

      This works against the maxim of making giving easy, so ideally I would like to give the option for people to add their card details on the printed gift form. Printed forms are still important for us as we don’t have email addresses for many of our alumnae. Some concerns have been flagged about the implications for the school for holding the card details of donors, if we do this.

      I was therefore interested to know how many of you do or don’t collect card details on your gift forms?
      Has anyone making the transition (in either direction) observed a tangible difference in giving behavior as a result?
      Have you taken particular steps to maximise the security of card details, if you do accept them by post?

      Any other thoughts or suggestions on the subject would be very welcome?

      Thanks, Paul

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      Paul Dennett
      Forum Participant

      Just as a quick update in case anyone was interested…

      …I successfully made the case for including a credit card donation option on our printed donation forms, and tested this in our EOFY hardship appeal. The appeal was primarily print based, with a reminder email also sent to just under half the alumnae. The card option on the printed form has turned out to be the equal most popular way of giving alongside direct bank transfers. We have also received more gifts compared to the previous year’s EOFY appeal, though with so many other variables at play I wouldn’t want to draw any conclusions the effect the new giving option had on that.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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