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      Mandy Cosser
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      I am interested in finding out who manages fundraising for external community groups/charities at your school? As an example, we had students participating in the Red Shield Appeal on the weekend, and in the past students have hosted fundraisers for organisations like beyondblue, Daffodil Day for Cancer Council etc. Ours is driven by what students are passionate about, via the Student Council, Fundraising/Community Service prefects, with the support and guidance of the Pastoral Care team.

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      Kelly Edwards
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      Hi Mandy,

      I can only speak from what I’ve experienced here however BBC has just launched a Red Shield Appeal (current students) which our BBC Marketing team has promoted on facebook and to the current parent body and we as the Alumni Office have shared with our community.

      The community, foundation, alumni and marketing departments all work together on what channel and audience is more appropriate depending on what the fundraiser is. Happy to chat more if you’d like some more detail.



Viewing 1 reply thread
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