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      Juliet Chandler
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      Hi all

      We are about to start our regular review of the Alumni Database / CRM / Online Community software space and as such, are interested in hearing what others are using and also, any changes you have seen in the last three years or so. If you would recommend the platform you are using, I would really appreciate hearing the pros and cons too.


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      Hi Juliet
      At Churchie (Brisbane) we use ToucanTech. The platform is easily customisable and has enabled us to apply our own design preferences to the appearance of our website. Key functionalities that we use are groups, events, news, newsletters and business network. For us, these were previously hosted across four online platforms so this has enormously simplified our offering. ToucanTech’s support service is very helpful and prompt to reply. So too is Merryn, who is based in Sydney. Merryn also conducts regular forums online, for clients in the Asia Pacific region, which are very beneficial. The only two drawbacks that come to mind are that newsletters are not editable after they’ve been published and tables/lists (e.g. Vale) are not searchable. That said, they welcome and are always very responsive to feedback and proposed improvements. I hope this helps.

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      Elizabeth Nix
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      Hi Juliet,

      We changed to Toucan tech in 2020. Really happy with the product as it can be customizable. It has a great Comms engine as well. We only use it for Alumni though. If you are looking for something for the Parent/Student/Staff online portal then I would recommend the Schoolbox product. I am happy to chat regarding ether of these products if you like.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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