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Calling our WA colleagues. Can you recommend a school app provider?

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      Jon Cuthbert
      Forum Participant

      Hi Everyone,

      We’re just researching into an app to communicate with our parents e.g. Digistorm etc. We would be most grateful if you could please share your experience good or bad

      1. What app provider do you use?
      2. Have you found it effective or any there any drawbacks?
      3. Do you use synergetic and therefore does this app integrate with this software?
      4. Would you recommend it?

      Thanks very much everyone!

      Kind regards,

      Jon Cuthbert
      Manager – Marketing, Communications and Alumni
      St Stephen’s School

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      Mandy Cosser
      Forum Participant

      We have used the Digistorm app very successfully. It is easy to use and the fact I can push notifications/calendar events to the website/app/Facebook page with a single data entry is great.

      The biggest drawback is their location in Brisbane. The time difference can impact if there are issues late in the day WA time when their office is closed.

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      Jon Cuthbert
      Forum Participant

      Thanks very much, Mandy!

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      Rhiannon Matthews
      Forum Participant

      Hi Jon,

      I hope you found a solution and I wondered if you can recommend any providers now? Or if you could let me know which providers you considered and if you found solutions that work with Synergetic too?

      Thank you, Rhiannon

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      Cathy Broad
      Forum Participant

      We created a ‘portal; to sit within SEQTA … so parents have a one-stop shop = didnt want them to have to use SEQTA app and then a different school app.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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