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      Alana MacAllister
      Forum Participant

      We are developing an Alumni strategic plan for our School and wondering if anyone has any resources they can share? Our alumni program is fairly new and underdeveloped. Any ideas, plans or strategies would be welcomed.

      Alana Macallister
      Community Engagement Coordinator
      Arden Anglican School

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      Julia Bairstow
      Forum Participant

      Hello Alana
      Our school is in a similar position so I will be following this thread with interest too.
      Julia Bairstow
      Great Southern Grammat

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      Bobbi Aralica
      Forum Participant

      Hi Alana (and Julia),

      How deep or broad do you intend to go? ie. purpose, resource allocation, programs to offer, engagement strategies, manifest….

      Given you have an alumni platform…. I assume you’ll be using this to communicate with your alumni.
      Happy to enlighten you about the ‘best of the best’ strategic plans AND most successful programs.

      PS: You may also be interested to learn about how boys and girls schools differ in their engagement strategies

      Feel free to DM me via LinkedIn.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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