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ALumni membership fees – compulsory or optional?

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      Mandy Loomes
      Forum Participant

      I am preparing a report for School Council on Alumni membership fees. I want to make them compulsory as they are currently optional.

      Can you please let me know:
      * are yours are optional or compulsory?

      * how much do you charge?

      * when do you charge the fee?

      * have you transitioned from optional to compulsory or vice versa? How do you manage this transition?

      * if compulsory, when do you determine a student is alumni – if at school for a min of a year, always an alumni regardless of length of attendance…

      Many thanks

      Barker College

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      Caroline Lovell
      Forum Participant

      Hi Mandy,

      Our alumni fees are optional, although the way we manage it is by sending a letter informing parents of the benefits of belonging to the OGU and informing them the OGU membership fee will be on their final invoice. They have to opt out. We only have one or two opting out a year usually. We charge $200.

      Hope this helps.
      Kind regards

      Roseville College

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      Kelly Edwards
      Forum Participant

      Hi Mandy,

      Our school operates with the ‘confirmation fee’ upon enrolment approach. The fee goes to the Old Boys’ Association when the student finishes at the College and provides a lifetime ‘free’ membership to the Old Boys’ Association. We find it is a great way to keep poor uni students engaged and part of the Old Boy fold rather than hitting them up as soon as they finish.

      Kelly Edwards
      Alumni Office
      Brisbane Boys’ College|
      07 3309 3513

      Confirmation Fee – This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. $200.00 fee payable on confirmation of enrolment. Payment of this fee is required upon confirmation of enrolment. If, after confirmation, a student does not take up the allocated place this fee is forfeited.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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