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      Ralf Sternad
      Forum Participant

      Looking for some advice on creating / relaunching functional alumni comittee and how you go about it from start to finish. Big ask I know but hoping someone can assist me!
      Thank you, Ralf

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      Merryn Parks
      Forum Participant

      ohh this is top of mind for me too, school had a failed attempt at doing it before I stared in the role and I only work limited hours so think I need some people power to push the Alumni program forward. I am thinking I will recruit an Alumni digital champion group who will support our key efforts on our Alumni portal by actively encouraging others on the site, contributing to stories (hopefully write some or generate story leads) etc. And in future become my first set of key mentors when we launch that program in the future!

      Look forward to others responding on the thread!

      Merryn Parks

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      Jacqui Raadsma
      Forum Participant

      I don’t have any insights but keen to follow along this topic as currently our entire past student association is just me, 1 day a week in alumni…..

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      Nick Jaffer
      Forum Participant

      Hi Ralf,

      I’m a bit late off the mark but I’d be happy to have a chat with you to get some contextual background on the situation at Ormond, and share a couple of thoughts based on our experience with colleges, schools and universities. I think you already have my email address but feel free to call me if you prefer. My number is 0412 215 118.



Viewing 3 reply threads
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