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NoticeMATCH is New Zealand’s leading death data and matching software provider. Every year we add over 28,000 deceased to our database, most within 72 hours of death, and make them available for immediate matching.

Educators – especially those in the Alumni, Bequests & Fundraising and Development space – highly rate our service as it helps them enhance their relationships with families and often identify next generation students.

Next to the government death register, NotIceMATCH maintains the largest file of deceased records in New Zealand.

What makes us the preferred choice across many sectors is our deceased data is rich with name variants, extremely timely and the software is very easy to implement and use.

We’re here to help you maintain a clean database, do the right thing when a person dies and, where appropriate, connect with the bereaved,

We are wholly committed to helping industry leaders be proactive and more compassionate toward the bereaved.

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