Mondo Mentors

Hanging out for a Mentor Programme?


  • Mentoring is a topical subject in all walks of life…and for younger people the benefit of receiving Life Mentoring from someone who is neither their parent nor their employer is very powerful.


  • MOST SCHOOLS and ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS are aware of theimportance of Mentoring but are not sure about what to do and how to go about it. Mondo Mentor fills that gap.
  • MONDO MENTOR is a unique Mentoring Programme for School and College Alumni, whereby we help your School or College run a structured 6-month programme engaging older Alumni as Mentors and younger Alumni as Mentees.


  • Mondo Mentor manages the Marketing of the Programme to potential Mentors and Mentees in your School or College, and coordinates the Application and Matching Process.
  • We launch the Programme and provide the professional support, guidance, training and materials to run a successful Programme.


To the School or College: Re-engagement, kudos, inspiration, community re-enforcement

To the Alumni Association: A tangible value-add beyond social and sporting activities

For Mentors: A tremendous way to give back and contribute

For Mentees: A great way to enjoy the experience of the greater School of College community

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