The Mentor Evolution
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Connecting business communities beyond borders

  • activating knowledge flow
  • increasing productivity
  • building a culture of learning
  • improving cross functional member communications

The Mentor Evolution is privileged to be partnering with Educate Plus to help your members become extraordinary and achieve extraordinary results. By tapping into the power of mentorship, Educate Plus members have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations both in person and online via our world class mentoring platform.  We share a vision to build an engaged and connected community, driving innovation and peak productivity to better meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our academic and alumni programs for schools and universities create inclusive communities by building learning environments outside of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to tap into a school and alumni network of mentors who are willing to share what they know with students they care about. In return, mentees are able to learn what they need from people they trust, creating happy, balanced, and resilient and successful young students.