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When schools get serious about communication, parent engagement, boosting their brand and image – they turn to MGM Wireless.

MGM delivers the functionality missing from existing school management software by providing one integrated platform with controls, security and features designed for school-wide adoption.

Perfect for Sport, Event Reminders, School News, Notices, Calendars, Absence Notifications, Emergencies and more, MGM systems keep schools data private and secure –  MGM strictly restricts access of school information to registered parents and known community members only.

MGM delivers content according to parents preferred communication method, whether via a secure mobile app, SMS, email, website, voicemail, or a combination of these and more – in fact any social media network can be utilised using one integrated, secure platform.

With powerful ability to measure and analyse parent engagement by news post, ‘Likes’, activity and much more, MGM gives schools all the tools and insights to effectively engage parents and community with ease and professionalism.

Join over 1,200 schools that already use MGM for all their communication and community engagement needs.