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QLD Summit Bursary Application Form


2023 QLD Summit - Bursary Application Form

  • Apply Now - $250 Bursary

    To ensure equity of access to the QLD Summit, the Summit Committee is offering eight needs-based bursaries for the event to be held in Brisbane (27 & 28 July, 2023). A bursary amount of $250 is available, thereby reducing the cost of full registration. Applications close 31 May.
  • Please supply a summary of why you are applying (up to 300 words). Please include details of the financial constraint preventing you from attending and what you hope to gain from attending the training.
  • Thank you for your Bursary Application Form

    We will process the Application and will advise of the outcome shortly. In the interim, if you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Applications close 31 May.

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