Institutional Leaders Online Program

New Institutional Leaders Program coming soon

Our program is designed specifically for Institutional Leaders and will be available in 2021 (currently in testing with focus group). This training is aimed at education leaders to help them rapidly respond and understand the needs of their institution. Through carefully developed content, the participant will delve into the evolution and process surrounding the Advancement sector. The course will provide information and direction on effective management of your team, innovative ideas and practices that will help you gain a higher level of understanding and enable you to empower your staff. This program is completed online and offers the flexibility of completing at your own pace.

Program details

The program will contain six modules which have been developed by leading industry experts:

  • Creating, Developing and Working with an Advancement Team: Advancement and fundraising are key elements in ensuring the success of contemporary educational organisations. Knowing where to start is critical in establishing a successful strategy for a development or advancement office. In this module you will cover the importance of an Advancement team, the key steps to setting this up successfully, how the fundraising, admissions, alumni and marketing team work together, key roles and structures as well as a case study model to provide an example of making this work.
  • Best Admissions Practices and Reporting: What are the important and key influencing factors facing admissions? How do you develop an Admissions plan, process, manage data and reporting? How do you benchmark yourself? Learn all about the admissions team functions, best practice, structure and how to operate successfully.
  • Role of the Leader and Board in Fundraising: Learn how to recognise the complexities of managing a fundraising program. What are the traits of an effective fundraising leader? Learn strategies to manage conflicting views on how to fundraise. In this module you will discover the rationale for board engagement in fundraising and the value board members bring to fundraising.
  • Major Campaigns: Recognise the importance of major campaigns in the context of modern education institutions, Outline the key phases of a major campaign, along with critical steps to be taken within each phase, Identify the common challenges of major campaigns and strategies to overcome these challenges.
  • Annual Giving and Bequests: This module will cover the role and key features of annual giving, how to overcome common challenges and objections and teach how to apply the knowledge through a case study.
  • Fundraising Fundamentals: In this module you will learn the key elements and issues of any fundraising program, learn how to over come common challenges and objections. What is the golden rule of fundraising and how can you apply the knowledge from this module to real life situations through a case study model?


Cost: 1 or 2 registrations per Institution: NZ$260, 3 or more registrations per Institution: NZ$130 per person

Registrations: currently not open. More information here.