Events & Community Relations – now an online course for 2017


Course Description

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 This course outlines the principles underpinning contemporary practice and standards in Events and Community Relations within the education sector. The training program will equip you with practical skills for you to advance your career in this area of Events and Community Relations. This course is suitable for beginner to intermediate-level practitioners within the field.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise crisis situations in a school context
  • Design effective management plans to overcome the crisis
  • Plan and organise events such as fetes, fairs and admissions events that enhance the profile of the school in the community
  • Plan and organise events to celebrate important school milestones
  • Identify and implement effective marketing strategies for school and community events
  • Identify and discuss various risks management strategies related to school and community events
  • Implement strategies to collaborate with parents and volunteers
  • Develop effective strategies for international engagement and Asian relations

Course online work: (Approx 30 hours work)

The online learning component consists of assigned readings and assessment questions for you to attempt based on your reading. You can expect to spend approx 30hr to complete this online learning course. Note: There is no residential component for this course.


Registration Fee:

Educate Plus Members (all membership types)

$ 600 inc. GST

Non-Members – No membership, thank you

$ 800 inc. GST

Non-Members – Please include $300 full membership

$ 930 inc. GST


This is all-inclusive and covers the course materials, resources and the administration costs associated with running the course. 

Members with any questions relating to the training program are invited to contact our Training Manager, Mariya Mustan

2017 Training Course 

As a result of member requests, the 2017 training program will now be an online course. Please download the Course Outline for more details on the training program. 

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