Non Conference Webinar Series – Day 2

Thank you for your registration for Day 2 of our Non Conference Week Online Series. Please find a link to all recordings and available session content from Wednesday September 8 below. Click on the arrow to expand. This content will be online until the end of the year. Video’s are not downloadable.


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Taylor Stockdale & Dr Denis Yip - Preparing to Make the Ask


Taylor Stockdale,  Head of Schools, The Webb Schools CA USA & Dr. Denis Yip, Commissioner for Belt and Road, Hong Kong SAR Government

Preparing to Make the Ask

Making the ask for a major gift often involves a series of important steps leading up to that seminal moment.  This interactive session will provide a guide for best practices in the preparation needed for the most favorable chance of a “YES.” 

While no two solicitations are the same, positive outcomes often involve five key strategies:  1) sufficient research (including both giving

 capacity and philanthropic interests) 2) personalized cultivation strategies including the school head and/or member of the board 3) a peer involved in building the relationship and, when the time comes, participating in the ask 4) identifying the proper setting for that critical conversation, and ensuring the right people are in the room 5) developing a case for a specific project that is near and dear to the prospect’s heart.  The decision to make a substantial gift is an emotional process.  People give to people they trust, thus the decision on who to involve is of paramount importance. 

A final section of this session will involve active role playing, and simulations that can be used for trustee training sessions as well.  We will also have a major donor, Dr Denis Yip join a portion of the session to share his experiences in deciding to make a substantial gift to his alma mater.  And finally, we will cover a check list of items and actions to be accomplished in advance, and immediately following the solicitation. 


Rhonda Delaney - Leadership is Simple



Rhonda Delaney, The People Gardner

Leadership is Simple


  • Right Person
  • Right Spot
  • Right TIME

It’s all about them!

In order to create a team of organisation of raving fans who energise everyone around them, we FIRST have to understand their needs. We’ll explore these 4 components that define interest: CURIOSITY, ATTENTION, CONCERN, INVOLVED.

Mastering these will help you cultivate the innate genius of each person you lead which leads to SPECTACULAR PEOPLE GARDENS!


Gretchen Dobson & Mark Sollis - Community Engagement in a Digital World: Brand Ambassadors & Volunteerism


Gretchen Dobson, Global Engagement Specialist & Mark Sollis, D3 Advancement Studio and Neutopia

Community engagement in a digital world : Brand Ambassadors & Volunteerism

As more alumni engagement activities shift to online modalities, we are connecting with a spectrum of stakeholders, from highly-committed alumni leaders to broad audiences of alumni with shifting opportunities for meaningful engagement. This session will review tips, techniques and online solutions to create environments that facilitate connection, community, and volunteerism with specific cohorts of alumni.