Pre-Conference Program

Below are listed some of the special features of the 2016 Program—several of which are new innovations developed especially for the Gold Coast Conference.

Pre-Conference Program 21 July PROGRAM

Pre-Conference Program Information

Your Brilliant Career in Advancement (Half Day Workshop)
Member – $180.00
Non-Member $250.00

Developing Websites that Work (Half Day Workshop)
Member – $180.00
Non-Member / Non-Conference Attendee – $250.00

Capital Campaign MASTER CLASS (1 Day Workshop)
Member $400.00
Non-Member $495.00

Synergetic Advanced training and practical instruction (Half Day Workshop)
Member & Non-Member – $0.00

Potentiality training and practical instruction (Half Day Workshop)
Member & Non-Member – $0.00

An Introduction to Archives & Archival Programs (Half Day Workshop)
Australian Society of Archivists Associate / Institutional Members Australian Society of Archivists – $160.00
Australian Society of Archivists Professional Members – $140.00
Educate Plus Member – $180.00
Non Member / Non-Conference Attendee – $250.00

Stunning Photography 
Students will advance their knowledge beyond the fundamentals of the digital SLR and explore every nuance of their camera’s capabilities, gain further creative control and engage in aspects of creative image making. Step by step instructions will enable students to have an advanced understanding of digital SLR image making.

Topics to include:

  • Use of my DSLR
  • Use of Smart
  • Phones
  • What makes a great photo
  • Choosing the right subject
  • How to manage light
  • Automatic settings
  • Manual settings
  • Use of the flash
  • Editing of photos
  • How to care for my camera
  • Photography for Social media
  • Storage of High Resolution images

Member – $180.00
Non-Member / Non-Conference Attendee – $250.00

Jon Yeo TEDx Melbourne – Giving fabulous presentations (Half Day Workshop)
More and more there is demand for leaders to communicate well in and outside of the Boardroom. People need to connect and communicate better in a world with increasing distractions and pressure to do more in less time. The ability to quickly connect and get a message across in shorter time frames is critical to a leader’s success. The core skills to communicate well on stage easily translate to the “corridor conversations” leaders need to have to connect to their intended listener.

Jon presents a flexible framework has been used by professional speakers, sales people, CEOs and various TEDx speakers all over the world. This 3hr Masterclass is an intensive condensed program to the full TEDx training.

Member – $180.00
Non-Member / Non-Conference Attendee – $250.00



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