VIC/TAS Regional Workshop

The VIC/TAS Chapter Committee are delighted to invite members and non-members to a special event.

Our regional workshop will cover the overall importance of leadership and working as a team, fundraising and community and marketing & communication. As we have been through a time of difficulty in the past few years world wide and still experience uncertainty in our lives, these sessions will focus on the skills and mindsets needed to lead teams.

We are delighted to welcome Mark Wales, a former SAS Troop Commander, to speak to the topic The power of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership & performanceWe hope you will join us as Mark uses examples from his experience in Special Operations, startups and McKinsey. He will focus on tactical tips you can use from Day 1 to improve your leadership and drive results.

Members and Non-members welcome

Event Details

Date: Thursday 11 August 2022

Time: 9.30am – 2:30pm

Location: The Geelong College Junior School Campus (Wayaperree), Minerva Road, Newtown (Geelong) VIC 3220

Cost: $35 Members, $65 Non-members (inclusive of GST)

Registrations close by 5pm Friday, 5 August.



Coffee / tea on arrival


Introduction from Dr Peter Miller, Principal of The Geelong College


Fundraising – Data Analysis into philanthropy trends in the sector – Shuie Gestetner, Director, Charidy.

Charidy has been working with Australia and NZ’s leading independent schools and have gained valuable and unparalleled insight into giving trends to Boys, Girls and Co-ed school.

This workshop will give you the knowledge of giving trends and importantly, what matters to your donors, and where they like and how to give.

If you are looking to leverage data to get ahead and better understand your donors and the wider giving landscape, then this session is for you. The findings will help inform your decision making around fundraising not only for this year but for the foreseeable future.


Being strategic with your School Brand – Nicole Roache, Marketing Manager, The Geelong College

Nicole will share her experience, expertise and passion for school marketing.

Being practical in your approach allows for the maximum positive impact for your school. 


Mid-morning tea / coffee break


The power of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership & performance – Mark Wales, motivational speaker & former Special Operations team commander.

Mark Wales is the Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor: Blood v Water in 2022


Networking lunch


Optional tour of Geelong College Junior School


End of Regional Workshop


Mark Wales, Keynote Speaker & Author

The power of an entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, performance

As whales are the most remarkable mammals in the sea, Mark Wales is one of the most amazing men on earth – both physically and intellectually.  A former SAS Troop Commander, Mark carries an impeccable military career that took him to Afghanistan on multiple tours, leading elite teams in the toughest and most stressful environments imaginable.

Beyond his years of service, Mark attended the Wharton School of Business in the US, joined a global consulting firm and established a start-up clothing company applying the same skills and strategy in business as on the battlefield. So, his entrepreneurial spirit is equally as strong.

Mark’s current mission in life is to educate others on leadership, strategy and peak performance while under stress. He emphasises the importance of strategy, execution and agility in any competitive system, drawing lessons from fighting in Afghanistan.
Mark is an impressive speaker, delivering his message in a clear and engaging way that leaves his audience empowered to apply his invaluable lessons of strength and perseverance.


Shuie Gestetner , Director, Charidy Australia

Charidy supports schools to innovate fundraising initiatives through their fundraising platforms and consulting services.

Charidy has partnered with over 250 organisations helping raise over $200m since 2016. They have worked with 80+ leading independent schools around Australia, helping raise over $50m.

Charidy is a proud partner of EducatePlus around Australia.



Nicole Roache, Marketing Manager, The Geelong College

Key elements of Nicole’s role include strategic brand communications, developing and delivering advertising campaigns and working as a creative director within our in house agency. She enjoys being a hands on creative; writing, art direction and working with a wide variety of people on a lot of different projects. Nicole has a passion about doing great work for brands that add value to the community.

Key skills:
– Highly experienced in sponsorship marketing, leveraging and PR campaigns
– Strong copywriting skills
– Real understanding of the role of a marketer in product development
– Ability to drive editorial support for advertising campaigns
– Eye for detail and strong opinions