Flexibility and Fluidity, how COVID shapes us – tertiary webinar bundle


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We are all digital experts. Or are we?

As University Advancement teams world-wide fast tracked online it feels like everyone is a digital engagement expert. For years the profession has been trying to figure out the best way to use social media and active communication to engage alumni and donors. So, now with this new way of digital working as different regions move in and out of restrictions, it is time to ask – are we really doing it? Join Jayden Worts, Virtual Engagement at UWA (Perth, WA) and Fred Lee, Director Alumni Engagement University of BC (Vancouver, Canada) for an in conversation. Shared learnings from Australia and Canada will be discussed and ideas for how our work will carry on during, and following lockdown.

Friday 21 August @ 12:00 -1:00pm (AEST)

Redirect: Strategy changes in Universities. How does this impact our work?

The Dreaded P’s – Pivoting, Pandemic and Further Philanthropy

Join this unique webinar to connect with key leaders in the Tertiary Advancement sector to understand how they have managed and continue to manage through an unprecedented time, the critical learnings gained. Featuring an overview by a leading Futurist Speaker, and followed by an interactive panel with leaders from across the sector (our full program of speakers will follow shortly). This is a not to be missed opportunity, to underpin planning for teams and targets into 2021 and beyond.

Friday 25 September @ 12:00 -1:00pm (AEST)

Advancement in the time of COVID19. What did we learn? What’s here to stay?

COVID19 forced many of us to change quickly to new ways of working. It has required a rapid reassessment of when and how we should continue to deliver great donor and alumni engagement and to consider whether these are temporary or permanent measures.  Although COVID19 has presented enormous challenges for most people either at a personal and/or professional level, having our hand forced has in many ways given rise to the realisation that not everything about our new way of doing things is bad.  In fact, in some areas adapting and adopting new programs and new methods of delivering has delivered positive change.  In this session we will hear from a range of practitioners, sharing case studies of what worked well when the crises first hit, what is here to stay beyond the pandemic, and why. Join Kate Robertson, Executive Director of Advancement at the University of TasmaniaGraeme Mullin, Development Manager at the University of Otago and other speakers TBC to share the best of what we have learned these past 6 months to improve our professional practice for the long term.

Friday 30 October @ 12:00 -1:00pm (AEST)

Taking care of yourself and your teams in uncertain times

As we find ourselves still working remotely or adjusting to reintegration its great to talk about some of the wins and losses and some of the permanent changes to the way we work in advancement.

Two of our International Conference speakers are able to share some of their insights and learning. Lynn McClelland, Exec Dir of Student Life, Services and Communications at the University of Canterbury, has guided her teams through recovery after a natural disaster, the impact of a terrorist attack and now through Covid-19. She has some great advice for leading teams and taking care of yourself along the way.

Shelagh Murray, Dir of Development and Alumni Relations at Otago University, strongly believes that a team’s culture is key to success even during the stress of a major campaign or during a pandemic and the significant loss of international students. Shelagh went into lockdown with a relatively new team and has some great advice on how to keep team culture positive while working in isolation and adjusting to reintegration.

Mandy McFarland is Director of Advancement at St Catherine’s College, University of Western Australia. Residential Colleges, along with Universities have been hugely impacted by the loss of international students following Covid-19 and this has led to huge financial pressures and pressures on staff. Mandy will speak about strategies for coping in a smaller tertiary institution with a smaller team while keeping a positive outlook and focused on long term trajectories.

Friday 27 November @ 12:00 -1:00pm (AEST)

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