Certified Advancement Practitioner Online Training

Please note this training is also available as a face-2-face course at a later date (TBA). Click here to find out more. Any queries please email sheila@educateplus.edu.au.

Looking to Advance in Advancement? Need an accreditation in Admissions, Fundraising, Marketing or Alumni?


This is a draft schedule and open to change. Most streams will complete 2 x 45 minute webinars per day. All online course work to be completed before the online training starts. When you register you will be given access to all the course work, online materials and online assessment information.

  • Admissions  l  8 webinars   l  May 5 – May 8
  • Alumni & Community Relations  l  4 webinars   l  May 8 – 12
  • Fundraising  l  8 webinars  l  May 11 – 14
  • Marketing & Communications  l  8 webinars   l  May 5 – May 8


Online. All pre-course work can be completed at your own leisure. Once you complete registration you will be given access to the online learning system (Admissions course does not need access) where you will be provided with online resources as well as assessment tasks. Each webinar will be approx. 45 minutes long, allowing 15 minutes for questions. There will also be an online discussion forum which is available within the LMS where you can continue discussions with your classmates.


Course Title Member Non-Member
Admissions $ 545.46 + $ 54.54 GST $ 818.19 + $ 81.81 GST
Alumni and Community Relations $ 363.64 + $ 36.36 GST $ 636.36 + $ 63.64 GST
Marketing and Communications $ 545.46 + $ 54.54 GST $ 818.19 + $ 81.81 GST
Fundraising $ 545.46 + $ 54.54 GST $ 818.19 + $ 81.81 GST


Our online training spaces are limited. Any queries please contact sheila@educateplus.edu.au. Please note the cost of this training is less than the face-2-face training to reflect the reduction in costs for Educate Plus.

View 2020 Course outlines here:

2020 Marketing and Communications

2020 Fundraising

2020 Alumni

2020 Admissions

If you would like more rigorous and accredited training, then the Certified Advancement Practitioner Training is perfect for you!

  1. Grants you more credibility as an Advancement Professional
  2. Improves career opportunities and advancement and gives you the edge when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities
  3. Prepares you for greater on-the-job responsibilities.
  4. Improves skills and knowledge
  5. Demonstrates your commitment to the profession
  6. Broadens your connections to other certified practitioners
  7. Reflects personal achievement and builds self esteem
  8. Offers greater recognition from peers and improve your professional profile.

Registration Information

Please click the REGISTER NOW button. Once registered you will be sent a confirmation email and the webinar information plus your login information for the LMS will be sent as soon as possible (link to survey for the Admissions stream) via email from the Educate Plus Training Manager.

To join the webinar, click the link provided in the email from the Educate Plus Training Manager. If you have any questions about attending a zoom webinar please click here.