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2023 QLD Chapter Summit | Program

PROGRAM | DAY ONE – Thursday 27 July

10.15am – 10.45am

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Alumni 101: Nuturing Alumni Programs from Start-Up to Expert.

The Alumni Office should be the driving force behind all Alumni/Past Pupil interactions for your institution but what does that actually mean and what elements are required for its success?

Penny Bowman, Director of Community Engagement, Moreton Bay Colleges

Helen Turner, Director of Communication, Development and Events, St Laurence’s College
Cyber Security

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Mapping out the customer journey: why, how and then what?

Know your customer. It’s an age-old principle relevant, and critical, to every business. And when it comes to education, the stakes are perhaps even higher with the parent journey – often considered the customer – inextricably linked to the student experience.

In any case, understanding a customer’s journey is far more than mapping out the mechanics of attraction, conversion or retention. Rather, it’s about understanding how perceptions are formed, the moments that matter and ultimately, what it means to be human.

Adele Graves, Director, Why Creative
Executing a Successful Capital Campaign

This session will discuss resourcing, prospect identification and wealth scanning and best practice in executing a successful capital campaign using The Hutchins School ‘Make your Mark’ Campaign as a case study. Major and Principal gift strategy will also be a focus in this session.

John Groom, Director of Advancement and Alumni Engagement, The Hutchins School


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Securing Grants: Setting up for success

With a growing number of Private Ancillary Funds and other grant-making funders, successfully securing grants for your organisation is another way of diversifying your philanthropic income streams.

So, where do we begin, how do we identify those that are the right fit for our organisation, determine which entity within our institution is the best applicant, prepare for the application / funder process, maximise our chances for success and craft a compelling and concise application?

This session will cover best practice in these areas in a practical workshop.

Alicia Edwards, Client Manager and Grants Strategist, Strategic Grants
Developing Customer Personas

Being customer-centric is a bit of a buzzword these days, it sounds good, but what does it really look like in practice? One way to get there is through building a set of customer personas. Not a set of demographic profiles, or a one-size fits all personality quiz result.

Personas are a way of mapping the full landscape of your customer-base through a process of depth research and sensemaking, uncovering insights on the attitudes and behaviours specific to your organisation.

Imagine having the voice of your customer present within every decision your organisation makes? What would you do differently?

Hayley Langsdorf, Chief Doodler, Thoughts Drawn Out
Finding the sweet spot for your Alumni Publications

Clear and engaging print communication with your Alumni community is a great way of providing updates on developments at your institution, but how you find the ‘sweet spot’ for not only your Alumni but the wider community as a whole.

Hear from the joint 2022 Excellence Award Winners for Alumni Publications on how they handle this scenario and other elements associated with compiling a ‘award winning’ Alumni publication.  

Petrina Gilmore – Director of Philanthropy – Somerville House

Susan McGinley – Director of Advancement – Women’s College
What are parents looking for when they choose an Independent School?

Independent Schools Queensland’s, What Parents Want survey is the longest running longitudinal survey of its type in the country, examining the decision-making process of independent school parents when choosing a school for their child

Callum Bentley, ISQ Senior Advisor (Public Affairs)

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